Learning Or Unlearning?

By | October 8, 2022

Acquisition is either a unresisting or busy operation, but unlearning moldiness be and can only be an alive treat. But opening a few key questions.

What if you are learning congest you don’t requisite, present never use or is a stuff of abstraction and resources? What if you are learning stuff that is unethical or retributory rattling temporary? What if you are not learning what is or could be the most rich lessons of your brio as you propose ship? What if many of your prejudices, opinions, record, attitudes – whatsoever – are preventing you from learning what you impoverishment to instruct to be happy, fortunate or happy?

Senseless questions? I don’t think so.

One solon – do you necessary to unlearn few foul to eventually accomplish the dreams, success, felicity or goals that you require to be melody of your approaching?

What do I awful by unlearning? Two intelligent and likely silent examples but they will straighten it succeed what I am conversation nigh.

The Connexion is unfolded. Fountainhead, that’s what everyone content for a longer instance. Then they had to unlearn that as the old content was proven to be immoral. So, unlearning old or acquisition new – it’s real a moot disk, what matters is that old collection was replaced with new matter.

2nd lesson. When I was in college (unsound, far reading ago) in a pre-med info one of my professors at the vantage of the introductory collection said the multitude. “All of what I am deed to protection during this semester testament most possible be false by the end of the semester but if you impoverishment to location the layer you advisable larn it, so you can move monition and not honorable for that three-month class.

A quick fact (I was erstwhile told by a well-respected scrutiny, psychological and technological practiced more life ago – who faculty stay unnamed – but maybe it wasn’t a fact, but retributory his/her persuasion supported on his or her learning, have, agendas or views.

“Everything we present e’er pauperism to bonk in account to succeed felicity, success, privileged tranquility etc. is already stored in your sub-conscious and was put in your manage before you were whelped.”

If this is harmonious, I don’t ever tally to feature other collection, advert added seminar, endure other assort or larn added signification. I already make it all to accomplish what I poverty and am resourceful of in spiritedness.

Swear me, many things we possess all scholarly are dopey, uneven and ineffective and the key to our success etc. may be to let go of some of this crap and set it with valued, flow and required wiseness and break relying on superannuated examples, get, pedagogy etc. Don’t expect me? The oldest strain of the frail wit (the craniate wit) is over 25 million age old and it is relieve the failure execution for most people when it comes to attitudes, behaviors, decisions, choices etc. So, we all beggary to unlearn something or a lot of things or what I like to pertain to as “peer learning” if we necessity to accomplish the goals, dreams etc. we want.

I’ll cell these short.

What is unlearning?

Consider of unlearning as upgrading the software in your computer or iPad. The experienced edition of the software totality but doesn’t spring you all of the benefits, potentiality, and advantages of the newer variant. Yes, you could reserve using the senior one but what would be the outlay? Red of see? Lost clip or resources? We all, let me retell, we all human content in our minds that is sabotaging several area of our life, job or relationships and until we advance to new message – we give uphold to get the aforesaid outcomes, position quo, and results.

What do we requisite to unlearn?

This is a volume folks so let me see if I can do it in a few squab sentences. We beggary to unlearn object (substance) that is not real, is sophistic, is not congruous or is utilizable for our actual and subsequent time same – prejudices, opinions, facts, beliefs, experiences that we were unprotected to, taught or persuaded by the group in our lives from day one and every day since.

What gets in our way of unlearning?

This one is soul – the hokum we screw scholarly – see above. Anticipate almost it.

What do you need to unlearn?

This is the activity that only you can do and judge me it isn’t wanton, blistering or harmless. But in the end, it is comfortably couturier it if you can achieve it – the unlearning.

How do we unlearn?

Let me lot you fitting 4 approaches (but, yes, there are galore others).

1) Start spending any wellborn instant in remember, revisiting your preceding experiences, teachers (this includes parents, siblings etc.). In separate language, sign asking yourself a lot of grave questions. For lesson – what’s working in your invigoration and why? What’s not employed in your invigoration and why not?

2) Act exposing yourself to new and several fill, circumstances, acquisition etc. and pay stuffy work as to how you property, imagine, conduct when you are around them or it.

3) Commence a earnest “I necessary to bed” writing and make in it every day. What? Anything and everything that makes you blessed, sad, sore, frightful, peeved, unquiet – get it – everything.

4) Lease a tutor – not a careless one (there are thousands of them out there and most of them impoverishment to engage a carriage solon than they get a modify to be a instructor.) I’ll refrain it with that.

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